CLIENT BULLETIN - #Coronavirus outbreak

Travel into and out of the Hubei Province - particularly Wuhan and the immediate surrounding areas - has been suspended until further notice. This means that individuals are unable to enter or depart the impacted areas at this time. This particularly impacts foreign nationals in the area who need to renew their temporary residence permits in order to remain compliant with Chinese immigration laws during enforcement of the departure ban.

Travellers may be subjected to stricter scrutiny, including health checks that have been set up in airports both within China and in other locations globally.

Businesses that were due to reopen on January 31 after the conclusion of the Chinese New Year public holidays are now being asked to remain closed. Businesses in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Nanjing are required to wait until Monday, February 10 to re-open, while other cities will commence operations on Monday, February 3. These extended closures impact not only our service partners but also customs offices, port agencies, etc. 

Employees who have travelled to other parts of China are subject to a 14-day quarantine period before they are allowed to return to work. This will further impact day-to-day business once companies are permitted to re-open because many will be working with reduced staff due to this 14-day waiting period. 

Many schools in China will also remain closed until Monday, February 17th. 

The Chinese government continues to impose new measures on a daily basis; the possibility of further restrictions or delays in recommencing business is possible. Aires will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

Additional information on the virus outbreak, travel bans, and international assistance information can be found at: 

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