Corona Virus Agent Update 2020

Corona Virus Agent Update

Shanghai and Guangzhou offices have re-opened and Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou offices are currently working from home. Some of the smaller offices staff will need to remain in their homes and work #remotely with the #Wuhan office closed until further notice.

Operations have been significantly affected as many of the team have been unable to return to work due to public transport or through ways being closed coupled with quarantine enforcement. This has a knock-on effect for our operational capacity for the coming 2 to 3 weeks at minimum. With this in mind, many of the apartment blocks and complexes are forbidding any kind of entry from outside workers, not allowing residents to come and go freely.  If all residential details are provided, then our agents can check with local property management companies regarding permission to enter.

Our agents’ staff must follow strict hygiene practice for when any client contact is made including regular temperature checks and the wearing of masks at all times.

#Airfreight bookings will be difficult as many airlines have cancelled their flights to China. With the Chinese New Year celebrations #expatriates left China and have not yet returned. We are receiving many requests from clients and agents who would like #HouseholdGoods to be packed and shipped overseas without having to physically return to China. This will mean that we need access to residence along with crystal clear instructions regarding items to be moved and items that are not moving. This will be dealt with on a case by case resolution, agents will be able to process the export permit if clients provide original passport and work permit by courier.  The latest update from Shanghai is that customs have agreed to allow the export permit to be processed using copies only.

Operations Capacity will be limited and will inhibit efficiency with strict security and hygiene obligations being enforced. Emergency Pandemic Surcharges must be applied in order to help recover additional operational costs until such time as the situation returns to normal.

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