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Disposal Service - Office Furniture Removal Dublin

Turn-Key office Furniture Removals.

Are you looking to move office? Are you renovating your office space?

Furniture removal and disposal can be a tuff one to decide on. Our experienced team manages office furniture and removal through our fully licenced removal and disposal service. If you are decommissioning your office and you need to clear everything out of your office space we can help.  Being responsible for returning your office space to its original condition in accordance with your lease agreement is not unfamiliar territory to our crews. Removal, redistribution and disposal of your office contents can be actioned by us leaving a clean slate for handover pre dilapidation meeting with your landlord.

There are a couple of options available from OmanBeverlySmyth which may be of interest to your project managers to help avoid a negative impact on your Office Fit out Project Planning.

Moving and Storage – unless your business is making a permanent move or closing its doors for good, maybe you need to move some of your assets to enable your refurbishment project or office move project to run smoothly. We can store excess office furniture and inventory until you have decided if it can be used in your new space or disposed of!

Resale – As a business who has a lot of experience in resale of used office furniture unfortunately the market for this is limited. We have a network of professionals who can take some of the more sought-after items in the marketplace and are happy to connect you on recommendation.

Refurbishing – Looking for a responsible alternative to buying new? We can also recommend some of the top suppliers in the market and industry for supply of fully reconditioned office furniture!

Donating – Giving your furniture to a start up or charity is an altruistic way of extending the still useful life of your used office equipment and furniture.

Oman BeverlySmyth removal crews are trained to uninstall and efficiently pack your office furniture methodically to avoid damages so that any of the above options can be chosen to do.

As part of our corporate global responsibility program and governance, we are fully licenced to carry out the recycling of wood, metal, municipal waste and general office rubbish. E waste / WEEE 

Our Waste Permit: