Moving Your Office IT

IT Relocation

Let us help you plan your ICT MOVE; 

Get in there Early! Start your planning as soon as you can, this will mean you will have a well-planned move for a smooth workplace transition. Having an IT Relocation Checklist makes sure you stay on track through the key phases of moving your business technology services. Some of the things you need to consider;

Office IT Moving and Relocation includes all aspects of IT Relocation for desktops, laptops, servers, printers and any peripherals.  Our staff are trained to decommission, recommission and safely pack these items as part of your office move. 

Almost all office moves use PC crates  with anti-static bubble wrap. These are made from a hardened eco-conscious plastic that we use over and over again. This gives your peace of mind that your IT is safely packed for transit.

We have many IT Move Projects under our belt, each one brings its own challenges. The one thing that remains constant is the need to plan this element of your move.

Our teams hold an enviable amount of product knowledge across the high tech sectors’ and awareness on the appropriate specialist handling equipment to provide a number of logistics solutions. Our teams collaborate effectively to find solutions and implement safe working practises to match client demands.

Whether it is using, flight cases for your server blades, specialist stair robot equipment, navigating data cabinets up/down flights of stairs, or tilting tall high tech equipment under doorways, Oman Beverly Smyth have the skills and capabilities to support a whole range of technical requirements.