Application for Goods in Transit Insurance

How to Complete this Proposal Form

Please fill in all the relevant boxes on the Proposal Form. The "Insured" is the person proposing the insurance (i.e. your full name). The "date packed" is the date on which the removal work will commence. Indicate with a "tick" in the boxes to signify "Owner Packed" and/or "Professionally Packed" as appropriate. Professionally packed means goods packed by the Mover whereas Owner Packed means goods packed by you or parties other than the Mover or his agent. Please tick the appropriate principle method of transport e.g. land, sea or air. Identify the name of the town or city that you are "Moving from" and "Moving to" and the destination Country.

Household goods and personal effects should be insured for the new replacement cost in the country of destination.

When listing the goods to be insured, you will need to have a reasonably good idea of the comparable cost of living in the country to which your goods are being shipped. List ALL goods and their new value at destination on the proposal form. You may choose to attach your own detailed valued list, or attach additional pages if there is insufficient space on the form. Goods not declared and valued on the list are not insured.

Please note that if you do not insure your goods for their new replacement value, you will be "under-insured". In the event of a claim for loss or damage, under insurance may result in the Insurer applying "average" when assessing a claim. This means, for example, that if an item were under-insured by 50%, the Insurers would only settle 50% of any repair cost. If that repair cost were higher than the declared value, subject to any payment by Insurers not exceeding the declared value of the item. Similarly, if the claim were for a shortage (lost item), settlement would be capped at that declared value.

Antiques, Fine Arts, Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats, Campers and Trailers should be valued at the market value at destination, i.e. the value for which the same, or similar items/vehicles could be purchased in an undamaged condition.

As above the "application of average" will apply in the event of under insurance.

It is in your interest to provide as much detail as possible.

You will need to list the quantity of each item that you will be moving (in the column marked "Qty")

and enter the value of the item(s) in the column adjacent. For example, if you have 10 chairs in the dining room valued at €100 each you should write:


However, if 2 of the chairs are worth, for example €200 each, then you should list, and if possible identify them separately as follows:

8Chairs (dining)800
2Chairs (carver)400

As you list each item, the total values in the "Insured Value" section on this form will be updated automatically. Note that if you leave any field in a row empty or leave any numeric field with a value of zero (0) then that entire row will be ignored when calculating your totals and when processing this form for submission.

Insuring for Shipping and Carriage Charges ("Moving Costs").

If you decide to insure your shipping and carriage charges (e.g. the moving costs), the advantage is that in the event of an unfortunate occurrence such as your goods being totally lost or destroyed following a fire or vessel sinking, in addition to receiving compensation for the loss of your goods, you will be able to recover the costs incurred in moving.

Should you wish to take out this added insurance, please enter the total charges paid to the Mover in the appropriate section of this proposal form.

Please ensure that you sign the application prior to submitting this form.


Client Details
Shipment Details
Living Room
Dining Room
Family Room / Study
Crystal / Glassware
Ornaments / Works of Art
Sports Equipment
Linen / Clothing
Main Bedroom
Other Bedroom(s)
Basement & Games
Any Other Items

Non factory installed auto accessories must be separately listed and valued.

Insured Value
Additional Insurance Coverage Options (@ 0.1% Each)

Please tick the appropriate box indicated below for the required coverage. Failure to do so will mean this cover is not included.

Conditions of Insurance

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