OBS are Your Irish Home Moves Specialists

Irish Home Moving Checklist



  1. Reach out to a couple of moving companies to get a quote for your move.

  2. Schedule a video or house call Survey (your quote is determined on volume being moved).

  3. Confirm your move date and make sure that your removal company can deliver their service in line with your dates.

  4. If there are items that you wish to pack yourself, you can ask your removal company to delivery some packing boxes to your residence in advance of them arriving to your home. (Removal companies can charge extra for packing services - make sure you have this covered with our representative when your having your survey done).

  5. If you book with Oman BeverlySmyth we will ask you to sign a confirmation of acceptance which we can
    Whatsapp™ to you and you can sign and return so that we can confirm your booking date for Move Day.

  6. It is a good idea if you have children to let them pack some of their toys or teddies into a small box so that they will have them on arrival to your new home - you can ask your crew foreman to put these to the rear of the vehicle so that they come out first on arrival! 

  7. Make sure anything fragile is pointed out to the crew on arrival as extra care will have to be taken when packing.

Finally Best of luck from our team to your family with your new move to your new home!