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Having been established 175 ago in 1846,  OBS has developed professional and efficient  relocation solution.

International Relocation and Domestic Moving has been a core offering since 1969 and our company has established a reputation as one of the world’s leading International Removals Companies & International relocation company. Moving is stressful by its very nature so whether you are Moving Locally, Moving Overseas or even returning home we have a team of capable international shipping experts to manage your move and take the stress out of moving overseas.

If you are moving internationally you will need the following forms;

GDPR:              Consent Form

TOR 1076:     Transfer of Residence Form 1076

TOR Form1:   T.O.R. 1 Form

PAC Global Insurance; Insurance Details Ts & Cs

Sign the above forms and WHATSAPP  a copy back to us! 

Click the Whatsapp link above 

Just talked to my Friends and they are sending their biggest, heartfelt thank you for all the co-operation, help and support they received from you and your colleagues today. What an amazing move to push this through…thank you so much from me, too.

Choosing a Mover

What to look for when choosing a mover

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Moving Checklist

Planing 8 - 12 Weeks Before Your Move Date

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PacGlobal Ts & Cs

PacGlobal Oman Beverly Smyth Insurance Agreement

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Times subject to availability, please provide as broad a range of suitable dates & times as possible.